Józef Wodzicki

Makieta Bitwy pod Racławicami
(approx. 1750-1794)

– Major General of the Crown's Army. In the years 1770-1776 he served in the Royal Saxon Army. Later on in the Polish army he became a brigadier in the Warsaw Corps of Cadets. At the Partition Sejm of 1775 he was appointed to the Crown Military Commission. He was king Stanisław August’s adjutant. In 1788 he was given the badge of the Order of Saint Stanislaus. He took part in the Polish-Russian war of 1792, as a chief of the 2nd Crown infantry in the Lithuanian campaign against Russia. He was actively involved in the insurrection preparations of 1794. He witnessed Tadeusz Kościuszko's oath at the Main Square. After Kościuszko's announcement of the uprising he promptly joined the ranks of insurgents. He was killed in the battle of Szczekociny by a cannon ball. he lies in the Capuchin church in Cracow.