Dining Room, Hipolit House

The family's daily life was focused in this room. The rich furnishings point to the social position of the inhabitants: a large sideboard full of sculpted decorations, an 18th-century wardrobe with beautiful inlays, a neo-Renaissance table on carved legs, a chiffonier for table linens, and a library cabinet with books to be read aloud. The majolica vase from the mid-19th century comes from a Czech factory and the silk jacquard tapestry from a factory in Buczacz. On the 'niciak' handicrafts table is a hay-filled roller with bobbin lace. This is a modern copy made according to a pattern developed at the Zakopane National Lace School. Paintings hang on the walls: family portraits, still lifes and landscapes, but also a copy of Władysław Rossowski's 1885 painting ‘Skazana’ (‘The Sentenced’) – a Towarzystwo Przyjaciół Sztuk Pięknych ('Friends of the Fine Arts Society') premium. Solid furniture, embroidered napkins, and faience vases lost in the richness of ornamentation speak to the taste of the era. But there is also a whiff of modernity here – a phonograph and a telephone.

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