Maiden's Room, Hipolit House, Kraków

This room is modest and unassuming. A simple Biedermeier-style bed, a small single door wardrobe, and a table. On the table lays a 'sztambuch', a 'friendship book' for writing poems, adages, or wishes and pasting drawings or photos. A desk for doing homework, a 'niciak' handicrafts table, manual sewing machine, and an embroidery hoop can all be found in this room. But there is also a tennis racket and items for the game of graces. A painted 18th-century plinth with a floral garland motif decorates the room. On the walls, next to the crystal mirror in a porcelain frame, are 'ancestor' portraits: Franciszek Wysocki (a glover from Kraków) and his wife Józefa, Szymon Milieski (landowner), or Herman Schugt (Latin and Greek literature professor at the Kraków Academy). Next to the wardrobe is a small landscape painted in a modern style and depicting the rocks in Bolechowice, near Kraków.

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