Barbara Tarnowska, née Tęczyńska, Tarnów Cathedral

The Renaissance monument to Barbara of Rożnowo (d. 1517), granddaughter of Zawisza Czarny and mother of Jan Hetman Tarnowski, dates to around 1520 and refers to Florentine wall-mounted monuments with a niche. The architectural details and ornamentation show the lack of the maker’s understanding of the genesis and function of such a monument. The figure of the deceased is just a Gothic figure of the Mother of God under the cross and pilasters; their heads and entablature do not refer to any particular style. The monument is made of sandstone but the working technique suggests that the author was a wood-carver rather than a stonemason. The monument is decorated with the two coats of arms of the deceased, after her paternal and her maternal lines: Sulima and Starykoń. The author of the monument is unknown.

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