Małopolska Tourist Information System (MSIT) – no more old-fashioned maps!

A photo collage showing selected towns where MSIT tourist information points are located: Tarnów, Wadowice, Olkusz, Miechów.
Małopolska is a region with exceptional tourist potential. All the magic that makes up Poland's beauty can be found here. Charming cities, villages and towns. Castles, manors, sanctuaries and open-air museums. Two salt mines unique in the world and ten historic health resorts. Six national parks, eleven landscape parks and numerous nature reserves. In addition, there are wonderful culinary flavours of the region, several hundred kilometres of bicycle and walking trails, as well as fantastic and hospitable inhabitants. The evidence is, therefore, irrefutable – Małopolska is your best travel destination! Good for long stays, short trips, and in every seasons.

Are you wondering about the logistics of sensibly covering all the points of interest and places in Lesser Poland so that you don't miss any of them during your trip? Don't worry, we found a great way to do it!

Małopolska Tourist Information System – with a free application towards modernity!

We all love traveling and we are increasingly using modern technologies with, for example, GPS, instead of using our fingers to  trace things on paper maps. We like to save places worth seeing, verify addresses of restaurants where we can try the best local flavours, create memos in virtual notes about places off the beaten track, and copy maps to the clipboard so we can open them when we’re on our hike. What if it were all saved in one space? We thought it through very carefully and created a project that combines modern technologies with traditional planning. For this purpose, a free VisitMałopolska application has been created to download to your mobile devices This simple and intuitive application is your private and reliable guide that you will always have with you. All you need is the Internet, access to the location of the device, camera and Bluetooth enabled. The application will give you access to tourist news and a calendar of events in the region. You will also find descriptions and business cards of the most interesting attractions in Małopolska. Reaching them will be easier thanks to an interactive map that will always help you determine your destination. Most importantly, you have it all at your fingertips all the time! No more hurriedly leafing through maps or looking for the right page in a paper guide. One or two clicks and you have a comprehensive description of the place you are interested in!

Do you like planners and travel postcards? Great, because we do too!

Who doesn't love making notes before a trip and keeping personal lists of the most interesting attractions? We know that this is one of the most exciting activities before a trip, which is why we have created a special travel planner with you in mind. With just a few clicks you can plan your adventure in Lesser Poland! By selecting the starting and ending points of the route, as well as intermediate points, the application will plan your route, suggesting accommodations nearby and additional attractions worth visiting. It will even give you ideas that you didn't initially consider! You can sort the content you are interested in thematically, so you can get to where the call of adventure is taking you in no time – mountains, hiking, sights, skiing, water attractions in Małopolska or the most interesting thematic trails – everything will be in your personalised planner! And once you set off on a rally along the paths of Lesser Poland, you can use your private photos to create your own postcard and send it electronically to your family and friends! Maybe you will also find time for a field game? We have also prepared such tourist activities because we know that travel educates! Have we already said that we take care of every aspect of your trip?

We pay for curiosities with Beacons!

Don't worry, it's not a commercial offer, it's our unique way of learning to be mindful of Małopolska! What is Beacon? This is a kind of network of ‘lanterns’ that will make your sightseeing even more attractive! A special device sends you a signal received by the mobile application, which immediately displays content related to the place or object where you are currently located. You can read its description, see photos and watch video footage. You will learn that there are beacons in a given facility from the information board at the entrance. In Małopolska, 1,000 beacon devices were installed in as many as 181 facilities! All of them work with the VisitMałopolska mobile application. Doesn’t it sound great? Check on your own smartphones that it works! Or maybe you will try to take a tour in the footsteps of our beaconed monuments and attractions? We strongly encourage you to take part in such an adventure!

What else have we done for you? We have expanded reality!

We have so many unique attractions in Małopolska waiting for you just around the corner that we decided to expand the reality and show them all to you. How does our superpower work? Very simple! If you are visiting a given place and want to know if something else might interest you in the area, go to the VisitMalopolska application and select augmented reality in the menu. The names of nearby objects in the indicated direction will appear on your phone screen. Just click on any of them, check the detailed description, look at the photos and decide if you want to see this place with your own eyes. If you ask us for advice, we wouldn't skip any of them, because when visiting Małopolska, there’s no such thing as too much!

Where can you find the compendium of the knowledge centre about Małopolska? On the website!

For those of you who have not yet downloaded the application, we have collected everything that is most beautiful and worth seeing on our tourist portal Thematic bookmarks will guide you through the nicest places in Małopolska, show you picturesque trails, encourage you to visit atmospheric towns, and introduce you to extraordinary and passionate people. On, you will also find a news calendar, thanks to which you can plan your stay around the most exciting events in the region. And you should know that we have a lot of them! Save VisitMalopolska in the ‘favourites’ tab and make bold plans for your travels to Malopolska!

Are you temporarily unable to come to us? No problem! We will take you on a virtual walk!

On you can also visit over 130 attractions without leaving your home. This is a good option for those who are coming, for those who have already left and miss it, as well as for those who don't know yet that they want to be here! 360° film panoramas allow you to feel the atmosphere of places in the best quality. Most of the walks were made in 3D and 2D technology (3D for presentation using VR goggles and 2D for presentation on the regional tourist portal To recreate the walks, a 2D application was created, available online on the Internet, and an offline application enabling the reproduction of 3D virtual walks on VR goggles.


Kolaż 4 zdjęć przedstawiających obsługę klienta w punktach informacji turystycznej MSIT

Traditional Tourist Information Points – we are waiting for you in the virtual and real world!

We are developing our tourist offer with modern solutions and technologies, but this does not mean that we do not like meeting you in person. On the contrary! We love talking about our region in every space – both virtual and real. Traditional Tourist Information Points can be found in as many as 30 towns in Małopolska! True enthusiasts of the region await you to infect you with curiosity about Małopolska, show you on the map where to go and what is worth seeing, advise you on what to eat in the region and tell you where to stay for the night. They will send you to a great trail and give you the best tips for a bike trip. Look for them in places such as: Andrychów, Biecz, Bochnia, Bukowina, Chrzanów, Kraków, Kęty Krościenko n/Dunajcem, Krynica-Zdrój, Limanowa, Miechów, Muszyna, Nowy Sącz, Nowy Targ, Ochotnica Górna, Olkusz, Oświęcim, Pogorzyce, Rabka-Zdrój Sucha Beskidzka Tarnów, Tuchów, Wadowice, Wieliczka, Wiśniowa, Wygiełzów and Zakopane. So how? Will we see you at the Lesser Poland chat? We are waiting for you with maps and publications about the region!

The Małopolska Tourist Information System is our region in a digital-analogue nutshell. Thanks to it, your journey will be comfortable, pleasant and most importantly – full of surprises! Multimedia exhibitions in museums, interactive sightseeing, the opportunity to interact with other travellers, travel planners and tips – you can test all this completely free of charge! The only thing we would like in return is your smile and satisfaction with your stay in Małopolska. Let yourself be hosted!

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