Through Małopolska on horseback

On the Małopolska horse trail
Recreational horse riding is becoming increasingly popular. A large number of people have chosen this particular way of spending their spare time. No wonder, as horse riding is not only recreation, but also an excellent opportunity to visit and get to know this region.

Małopolska is a perfect place for starting a horse riding adventure. Firstly, it has rich horse riding traditions. This is where the Małopolska horses come from. This breed, used by the Polish hussars, has been raised in our region since the end of the 16th century. It is also worth remarking on the breeding of magnificent Hucul horses. Secondly, the vast and diversified natural topography, with countless kilometres of trails and routes, is ideally suited for horse riding tours.

This also means lessons and improving horse riding skills, hippotherapy, carriage driving, single and multi-day horseback riding tours, hotels for horses, small stables, agrotourism farms, and large studs – the horse-related offerings in Małopolska are so vast and diverse that there is a little something for everyone. And let’s not wait any longer because it is said that those who get hooked on horse riding perceive the world from a totally different perspective. We have a couple of suggestions for those looking to experience a horse riding adventure in Małopolska.  



Klikowa is currently a district of Tarnów and a place renowned for its 19th century horseback riding traditions. These traditions are cultivated by the horse riding centre run by Fundacja Klikowska Ostoja Polskich Koni (the Klikowa Refuge for Polish Horses). This facility offers horse riding lessons for children, adults, beginners, and those looking to improve their skills. The experienced instructors also teach how to prepare horses for riding (cleaning, saddling, care), and organise hippotherapy activities – a perfect psychomotor therapy for children and teenagers. 


Jazda konna



Beskid Niski is a dream region for recreational horse riding. The vast fields, charming forests covered hills and lakes, are all perfect places for horseback riding tours. This is what the Klimkówka stud and horse riding club in Wielogłowy offers (a very interesting manor in Wielogłowy). Aside from horse riding lessons, this stud is famous for organising horse jumping competitions.  


Malowane Wierchy Beskid Niski


Witowice Dolne

The Galicja stud has been operating for 27 years. It is located in Beskid Sądecki and surrounded by forests and Lake Rożnów. For afficionados of horses, there are several calm animals, trained for recreation and hippotherapy. The stud also has a sand arena for horses. Horse riding lessons are conducted by experienced instructors and specialists in hippotherapy. Other attractions are horse carriage rides, and sleigh rides in winter. 


Konno Beskid Sądecki



The Szarża horse riding club in Bolęcin (description of Bolęcin) is a magic place. Through the determination and passion of its hosts, it has become the cradle of horse lovers in western Małopolska. Its ambience and friendly atmosphere attract a large circle of amateur riders. The club organises races, trail riding and jumping. The experienced instructors at Szarża can instruct those beginning their adventure with horse riding, and can also conduct training sessions for professionals. Under their watchful eyes, candidates for horse riding badges prepare for their examinations.     





The Gładyszów Hucul horse stud farm in Regietów is the largest of its kind in Europe and worldwide. This is unmistakably one of the most attractive places worth visiting in Beskid Niski. A trip to Regietów will be an interesting experience for children and lovers of horses as the calm and friendly Huculs are wonderful “family” horses that will satisfy any rider. The Hucul horse stud farm in Regietów invites horse riding in fabulous pristine areas of Beskid Niski, horse carriage rides and sleigh rides. They also offer comfortable accommodation. 


Stadnina Koni Regietów



The Włosań horse riding centre is situated in a picturesque area. This is a place where you can enjoy horse riding, regain your strength and forget about the hustle and bustle of the city. Charming Włosań lies about 9 kilometres from Krakow (description of Krakow and its surrounding areas), in the Mogilany commune. A short distance from the forest and scenic Wieliczka Foothills make this facility a real haven of peace for visitors. In this unique place you can begin your horse riding adventure or improve your skills. Under the watchful eyes of experienced instructors, you can explore both indoor and outdoor horse riding.


Jeździectwo Poprad


Selected trails for horse riding

•    For aficionados of mountain horse riding tourism, we recommend the Transbeskid Horse Trail. This is the longest horse trail in the Polish mountains, designated by PTTK (the Polish Tourist and Sightseeing Society) in 2000. It is 600 kilometres long and it takes 14 days to cross. It goes from Brenna in Beskid Śląski, through Beskid Żywiecki, Podhale, the Pieniny Mountains, Beskid Sądecki and Beskid Niski, to Wołosate in the Bieszczady Mountains.

•    The Babia Góra Massif Horse Trail (Bystra – Sidzina, Budzów, Maków Podhalański, Stryszawa, Sucha Beskidzka, Zembrzyce).

•    Horse riding enthusiasts will be amazed at the attractive picturesque 100-kilometre-long Stary Sącz Mountain Horse Riding Tourism: Sopatowiec – Spadzie in the direction of Przehyba – Saint Kinga’s Rocks –the Jaworzynka Valley, Źródliska, a range right below Zgrzypy – Gaboń – in the direction of Stary Sącz – behind Mostki to Stary Sącz, where it joins the Pope’s Gold Trail: the Pope’s altar – Stary Sącz Stawy – Gołkowice – Skrudzina


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