Passionis Chapel, Salt Mine, Bochnia

Kaplica Passionis

Located in the Rozpora chamber, the Passionis chapel is the oldest surviving chapel in the Bochnia mine.

In 1669, an altar was dedicated to the Holy Cross, known as the Crucifix.

The chamber was located on the main transit route of the mine and was considered safe by the miners.

In 1709, the miners funded a chapel there, dedicated to the Passionis, i.e., Christ's Passion.

The miners gathered there for a special Good Friday service called the sermon de Passione Christi (about the Passion of Christ). The miners followed the example of religious fraternities, e.g., the confraternity of St. Francis in the Bernardine church, the members of which were primarily miners working on deposits. The passion service has been popular since the end of the 16th century. It consisted of self-flagellation and singing hymns about the suffering of Christ.

The stairs leading to the chapel are called the Royal Steps (Regis). Their oldest section, probably built in the early 15th century, leads from the 'August' level to the Chapel.

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