Smithing, Rajcowska Tower, Biecz

On the ground floor of the tower are exhibitions about smithing, locksmithing, and butchery. The metal-reinforced entrance doors secured with a wrought grille and a padlock are vivid proof of the skill of the craftsmen who made them. The smithing exhibition recreates an old forge with an anvil and large leather bellows for stoking the fire and a drill for making holes in the metal. Additionally, there are blacksmith’s tools and the implements that he produces: scissors, horse tethers, horseshoes, and hobnails for men's and women's shoes. The locksmithing exhibition is in the form of a locksmith's workshop with his equipment and various products: door locks, keys, and several types of padlocks. The butcher's profession is represented by a butcher’s block with cleavers for chopping meat and a massive sharpening stone for knives, cleavers, and axes. There’s also a meat grinder, a piping tool for filling sausages, and a meat hook made by a blacksmith.

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