Nowotarskie ice cream from Nowy Targ

Ice cream from Nowy Targ in the background of the market square
Whoever doesn't like them, cast the first stone! It would be rather difficult to find a Homo sapiens species representative who could resist the delightful coolness and moments of refreshment that ice cream gives. Especially that from Nowy Targ.

Making ice cream in Nowy Targ started in 1947, when Franciszek Żarnecki started production based only on natural ingredients. Fresh milk from mountain cows, eggs, sugar and fruit. Delicious, creamy and smooth ice cream that melts in the mouth, owed its consistency only to the strength of human hands. The ice cream was cranked by hand in a special container, covered with ice. But where to get the ice in the summer of 1947? Well, it was supplied in winter. Large blocks of ice were removed from the frozen Dunajec and later stored in cellars with thick stone walls. Then the prepared ice cream mass froze in the Dunajec ice. Ice cream was served in wafers, put on with a spatula or spoon, from beech wood only. And so it has been until today. The recipe and proportions of ingredients are a secret passed down from generation to generation. Real nowotarskie ice cream is produced in 5 - 6 basic flavours: cream, strawberry, coffee and chocolate. Lychee, mango and avocado enthusiasts have nothing to look for here. Since 2008, nowotarskie ice cream is on the list of traditional products. This ice cream does not need any advertising, so - with a clear conscience - we can give you places where you can enjoy it. Lubieńscy, ul. Sokoła 11, Nowy Targ (ice cream window), Lubieńscy, ul. Rynek 25, Nowy Targ (ice cream window and café), Lubieńscy, ul. Długa 64, Nowy Targ (café), Żarneccy, ul. Rynek 26, Nowy Targ (ice cream parlour and a pastry shop next to it)


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