Buczacz Tapestry, Hipolit House, Kraków

Above a small table on the left is a silk jacquard tapestry from the Potocki factory in Buczacz (in present-day Ukraine). The beige, gold and salmon-pink pattern evokes the ornamentation of kontush belts. On the underside is a factory label with the Potocki Pliawa coat of arms and the inscription BUCZACZ. Beautiful, light decorative fabrics of this type, known colloquially as 'buczaczes', were popular at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century and often decorated houses evoking the szlachta (Polish nobility) tradition, all the more so because the patterns imitated the decoration of Polish belts and eastern tapestries. The 1894 General National Exhibition in Lviv, where they were shown, undoubtedly contributed to their popularity. On the table stands a French mantel clock with a figurine of Sappho and a cupid.

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