Oriental Region, Butterfly Museum, Bochnia


The Oriental region covers the southern part of the Asian continent (the part not covered by the Palearctic and Ethiopian regions) and the Malay Archipelago up to the Philippines and the Lesser Sunda Islands.

Kallima Inachus is a master of camouflage; the unusual shape and colour of the underside of this butterfly's wings make it an excellent example of mimesis. Mimesis is an animal's ability to blend in with its surroundings with the shape, colour, or pattern of its body. When sitting on a branch, this butterfly closes its wings and sits motionless, as if turning into a leaf.

Attacus atlas, the Atlas moth from Southeast Asia is one of the largest moths in the world. The surface area of its wings exceeds 400 square centimetres! The patterns of spots and stripes on the upper edge of its wings resemble the head of a snake, probably to confuse and deter attackers. In turn, the shiny triangles reflect light, imitating the eyes of a predator. 

Representatives of the Danaidae subfamily inhabit areas with a tropical and subtropical climate. About 300 species are known. They are relatively homogenous in terms of wing shape and pattern type. Their wingspan is around 50 mm (Danaus pumila) to 180 mm (Idea). Representatives of some genera are found in very large areas, and some migratory species even periodically inhabit certain areas of the temperate climate zone. Most species have white dots and a distinctive pattern on the wings.


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