’Manggha’ Museum of Japanese Art and Technology

Złoty pawilon w Kioto

Polish-Japanese relations developed in many ways regardless of political and economic changes, wars, and the cold war period. Like all interstate relations, they were carried out on an official basis through the exchange of diplomats and visits by politicians and, in the case of Japan, representatives of the imperial court. They are also in the form of economic or military relations, exchange of experiences in social activities, and today, contacts in the worlds of business and science.. However, they are primarily built by cultural cooperation – we can even talk about the mutual fascination of Polish and Japanese people with the culture and art of both countries. The 1994 opening of the ’Manggha’ Museum of Japanese Art and Technology helped strengthen and deepen these relations. This year, the museum celebrates its 25th anniversary. This is a quarter of our century-old contact. The uniqueness of Polish-Japanese relations is determined by the relationships between people. One hundred years of mutual contact are a series of extraordinary – and there is no exaggeration here – film and literary stories about people. They, specific figures and personalities, create these stories.


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