Kromerówka Museum of the Land of Biecz

Fragment ekspozycji w Kromerówce

Kromerówka ('Kromers' house') isa tenement building that houses an exhibition about the history of the city of Biecz. The tenement belonged to the wealthy Chodor family and dates back to 1519 as indicated by the construction date carved above the decorative portal on the ground floor.. In the 17th century, the most prominent burgher poet, Jan Januszowicz, became its owner through marriage. In 1612, he rebuilt the tenement, and to this day it has the very same form. According to local lore, this house was supposed to be the property of the Kromer family, patricians from Biecz who were connected to local nobles. Its most prominent representative, the chronicler and Warmia bishop Marcin Kromer, was supposedly born in this house in 1512.  However, the discovery of the 1519 date during the tenement's renovation prompted research into its history, which revealed that it was not, in fact, the Kromers' house; they lived closer to the market square. This discovery did not result in a change of the tenement's name, which was already firmly established. One of the leading exhibitions in Kromerówka is dedicated to Marcin Kromer. Among other items, it includes the oldest editions of his works, e.g., the first Basilean edition of ‘The History of Poland’ from 1555.


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