Nowy Wiśnicz Castle

Elewacja południowo-zachodnia zamku

The castle of the Kmita and Lubomirski families in Wiśnicz is the most beautiful example of the residential and defensive architecture in Poland. The oldest part of the castle was built in the 14th century by the Kmita family, Szreniawa with a cross coat of arms. In the 16th century, the most famous member of that family Piotr V who was the grand marshal of the crown at the court of Sigismund the Old gave the castle some features of the Renaissance style. Another refurbishment took place in 1615–1621 during the times of Stanisław Lubomirski. Andrea Spezza and Mateo Trapola, the authors of the architectural works, came from Italy. The glory days of the castle ended when during the Swedish Deluge nearly 150 carts with valuables were removed from the richly furnished residence. .It started falling into ruin after a fire in 1831 and was abandoned. It had to wait until 1949 for its renovation when the State took care of the conservation of the castle complex. When visiting the castle, note elements of the early Baroque furnishings in the rooms, including a set of stone and marble portals, fireplaces, stucco fragments and remains of polychromes.

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