Room with Mock-ups, Nowy Wiśnicz Castle

Makieta zamku w Nowym Wiśniczu.

The room contains three mock-ups displaying stages of the expansion of the Wiśnicz castles. The first mock-up presents the Gothic and Renaissance castle of the Kmita family from the mid-16th century, the second mock-up portrays the castle of 1630 after the expansion in the palazzo in Fortezza style and the first mock-up presents the castle of 1973. On the opposite side, the following exhibits are on display: an archival photograph of Nowy Wiśnicz from 1928 showing a panorama of the town with the castle and the former Monastery of the Discalced Carmelites, a copy of the site plan drawn up in 1655 by the Swedish engineer and cartographer Lt. Col. Erik Dahlbergh, published by Samuel Pufendorf in 1696. The engraving shows the castle in a bastion system, the Carmelite monastery and the Nowy Wiśnicz town with the church. At the foot of the castle there is an outer bailey with a large stable, a dry moat, hunting grounds, Italian gardens and a ‘domus voluptaria’. An orchard and a garden adjoin an abbey. The room also contains archival photographs of the castle from before the renovation done in Wiśnicz in about 1950 and photographs of sketches by Jan Matejko. A valuable iconographic material presents the wooden development of the Nowy Wiśnicz town square before the fire that ravaged the town in 1863.


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