Kubarski Room, African Museum, Olkusz

This room contains the Kubarski Collection of Art and Painting of Black Africa gathered by Prof. Anna Kubarska and her husband, pilot Leon Kubarski. Collecting African art, including paintings, was one of their many passions.

The works were painted by artists from Congo in the 1960s and 1970s. There are paintings made from banana leaves and unique tiny images made of butterfly wings.

The main display in front of the door contains souvenirs carved in ivory and objects made of malachite combined with ivory.

Two royal masks used during funeral ceremonies of important state dignitaries are displayed inside. They come from the Bushonogo tribe of knife throwers.

Next to them, a MUKENGA mask (helmet type) symbolises an elephant, its strength, character and position in the animal world.

The display to the right contains a set of African pipes. They are made of gourds, wood and animal bones and elaborately decorated.

The display next to the door contains stools and staffs of chiefs and tribal elders from Congo.

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