Religious Room, Szczyrzyc Abbey

Religious exhibits are on display in this room: bas-reliefs, figurines of Christ, Holy Mary and the Saints, beautiful liturgical robes, dalmatics and abbot’s copes, a stone stoup, old breviaries and antiphonaries as well as missals in Latin used by monks in their prayers before the 2nd Vatican Council. On the wall is a sculpture of the Mother of God with the Child that comes from Henryków in Lower Silesia. There is also a showcase with Orthodox Church liturgical paraments brought by the Cistercians from the Kresy (currently in Belarus) where they had a pastoral ministry before the World War II. Showcases in the middle of the room contain medals commemorating religious and state occasions. There are also several medals from the Solidarity period. A small collection of the Pensive Christ figurines made by folk sculptors is particularly beautiful. Note the Pensive Christ figurine with birds among the trees in that collection. It was made by Jędrzej Wowro, a folk sculptor and woodcarver of the inter-war period. The sculpture depicts Christ seated with his head tilted to the right and supported with his right hand. The crudely carved body is girded with a perisonium. The Christ’s left hand rests on his knee. There is a crown of thorns on His head, He has long hair falling to his shoulders and His mouth is open. The figure is placed on a plank and surrounded by decorative palms with birds sitting on them to comfort the sad Christ. Other figurines in the room are also folk works of art from various periods. More than a dozen bas-reliefs depicting various saints can be seen above the entrance to the room. The author of this collection is Józef Janos, a folk artist, sculptor, poet, maker of religious sculptures, numerous roadside shrines and figures of saints for churches. His works can be found in many ethnographic museums in Poland.

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