Władysław Orkan’s House, Poręba Wielka

Władysław Orkan’s house called Orkanówka is a shingled wooden villa built in the ‘Zakopane style’ under a hillock called Pustka in 1903-1906. This is where the outstanding writer, poet and publicist of the Zagórzany region lived. Władysław Orkan (1875-1930) is the pen name of Franciszek Xawery Smaciarz. The poet started the construction of the house thanks to the fee received for his novel titled ‘W Roztokach’. In his last will, Orkan intended to donate his house to the community but these intentions could only be realised after 1973 when the Commune Office in Niedźwiedź bought the building from the writer’s heirs and renovated it. As of 1979 the Władysław Orkan Museum in Rabka has been in charge of the house. The house has three verandas, an upper floor with guest rooms and an interesting pediment. The entire building is decorated with floral motives carved in wood. The author of these decorations was Jan Bulas from Poręba Wielka, a student of artists such as Stanisław Wyspiański and Józef Mehoffer.


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