Drawing Room, Hipolit House, Kraków

A drawing-room or parlour is an elegant room serving the function of the later living room. There are furnishings from different eras here, because this is how houses were decorated then. The oldest piece of furniture here is the chest from 1701, and the most interesting one is the 'praska' decorated with inlays – a combination of a chest of drawers with a desk and cupboard. The set of upholstered ash-wood furniture veneered with bright birch-wood and decorated with inlays is an example of the Duchy of Warsaw (Księstwo Warszawskie) style. The legs of the Viennese table piano made by the Joseph Klein company are finished with busts of black people, and its top is decorated with a mythological scene. Among the paintings is a depiction of the oath of Tadeusz Kościuszko by Michał Stachowicz and a watercolour painting of the Battle of Racławice by Walery Eliasz Radzikowski. The most interesting painting is Jan Kopff's 1815 portrait of his children: Ludwika, Konstanty, and Wiktor, who pose as ancient deities with garlands and flower wreaths. There are also clocks in the drawing-room, the most noticeable of which is the one with a case shaped like a Hungarian hussar, made in Hungary in the 18th century. The corner cupboard contains trinkets typical for the era.

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