Chamber, Museum of Mountaineers and Brigands, Rabka-Zdrój

This old mountaineer’s house of 1884 that used to be an inn is the central place of the Museum of Mountaineers and Brigands. The house called ‘Under the Three Madonnas’ is a place where an expedition to ancient times begins, revealing the life of the highlanders of the Podtatrze region and the entire Western Carpathians. These lands have been teeming with life since time immemorial. Important trade routes passed through them and it was here that the brave and enterprising ancestors of today's highlanders settled coming from different parts of Europe such as Slovakia, Hungary, Russia, Germany, Romania and the Balkans. The unique ceiling in the chamber is decorated with 56 satirical images pained on glass by Jan Fudala called ‘Jaśko from Gorce’.

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