Hallway, Museum of Mountaineers and Brigands, Rabka-Zdrój

To the left is an exhibition focusing on farming and construction work. Weather changes rapidly in the highlands, which meant that fieldwork and construction work had to be done quickly. Accuracy and neighbours’ help were very important. At the very end of the hallway is a set of tools that was sufficient for a team of experienced builders to erect a house. Beams at the corners were fitted and connected so well that even the strongest winds could not damage them. An experienced carpenter did not need any special chisels to carve decorations, a sharp axe could suffice. To the right is an exhibition focused on Koledari props such as Turoń, the Death’s scythe, King Herod and illuminated stars held on long sticks. After Christmas, groups of dressed-up people went from house to house to sing carols, perform short scenes and wish everyone happy New Year.

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