The Orthodox Church of the Protection of Our Lady, Owczary

Drewniana cerkiew z trzema wieżami i stojąca obok otynkowana na biało dzwonnica.

The Orthodox church in Owczary is one of the most beautiful religious buildings representing the wooden Lemko architecture. It was built in 1653 but was rebuilt many times over the centuries. Only the nave survived unchanged to our times. It is a Roman Catholic church now but followers of both religions use it.

The building is covered with broken tent roofs topped by copper-clad cupolas. The church is surrounded by a stone fence and a stone belltower serving as the entrance gate stands on the western side. The church interior is originally decorated with elaborate embellishments and paintings. An iconostasis of high artistic value occupies the entire width of the nave. It was made in the 18th century and some of the icons comprising it come from 1712 and 1756. The church was renovated at least six times, the last time in the 1980s. It received the Europa Nostra medal in 1994. This was how the effort put into the care for and maintenance of this beautiful building was recognized. The church was entered on the UNESCO List of World Heritage in 2013.

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