In the Footsteps of Chrzanów Waterworks

Na zdjęciu znajduje się rynek w Chrzanowie.
On behalf of the Organisers, we invite you to take part in an industrial walk “In the Footsteps of Chrzanów Waterworks”, which will take place in Chrzanów on 8th September at 3 p.m.

The history of Chrzanów waterworks is an unusual chapter in the history of the region. It shows the struggle for the common good of the inhabitants through the prism of technology development. Learning the history of this engineering layout was also a pretext to present the key persons from the history of the city and the region who have left a permanent mark on the cards of history. Recalling the names of persons who were particularly committed to improving the sanitary level of Chrzanów and the development of the entire Chrzanów region is an obligation of the modern society towards history. It is the first walk of this kind in Chrzanów along the unusual trail of Waterworks that will allow us to learn the charming places and exceptional persons connected with the history of Chrzanów, the region and Poland.

The walk “In the Footsteps of Chrzanów Waterworks” is organised as part of the cycle of industrial walks “In the Footsteps of the History of Industry of the Chrzanów Region”. The walk will be guided by Kamil Bogusz – a historian, a volunteer monument caretaker and a member of the Za Piecem Association.

The organiser of the walk is the Za Piecem Association, and the partners are the Municipal Public Library in Chrzanów and the Irena and Mieczysław Mazaraki Museum in Chrzanów.

Participation is free!

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