Rzym Inne Restaurant Room

Wnętrze sali

According to the legend, this restaurant is where Master Twardowski, the protagonist of the ‘Pani Twardowska’ ballad by the Polish bard Adam Mickiewicz, is said to have heard these ominous words from the mouth of the devil: ‘Ta Karczma Rzym się nazywa kładę areszt na Waszeci’ (‘This inn is called ‘Rome’ so I am arresting you’). An additional confirmation that these words referred to this very inn is in the fragment of the ballad that reads: ‘Patrz oto jest karczmy godło koń malowany na płótnie’ (‘See, this is the inn’s crest: a horse painted on canvas’). It so happens that the crest of Sucha Beskidzka features a horse derived from the Wielkopolski family coat of arms of the called Starykoń who owned the inn both when it was built and in the 1st half of the 19th century when Adam Mickiewicz wrote ‘Pani Twardowska’. In addition to merchants sealing successful purchase and sale transactions here, Master Twardowski and Mephistopheles, Beskidy brigands were also frequent ‘guests’ of the inn. The interior is arranged according to the folk tradition of the Babia Góra and Żywiec highlanders. The walls in the restaurant room, in the café and spacious hallway are decorated with numerous sculptures and drawings depicting characters from Mickiewicz’s ballad as well as paintings and drawings by regional artists. This is where visitors can have a taste of the old Polish and regional cuisine, traditional recipes from Małopolska and Silesia and unique drinks: ‘diablik’ (‘A wee devil’) and a ‘satanic concoction’. The inn is located on the Wooden Architecture Trail in Małopolska.


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