Sucha Beskidzka Municipal Museum

The collection features more than 20 works by renowned artists such as Martin van Meytens. These are oil paintings from the 17th to the 20th centuries and examples of prints, sketches, uniforms, handicraft and weapons. Portraits of Franz Joseph I of Austria and his wife Elisabeth (Sisi), Leopold I, Francis I and Maria Theresa in the coronation robes and ball robes, portraits of monarchs from other European courts such as the image of Philip III of Spain or a Polish King John II Casimir Vasa. Note the marine paintings: ‘Sea Battle’ by K. Volanakis of 1870 and ‘Cruiser S.M.S. Kaiser Franz Josef I in the Kiel Harbour on 3.IX.1890’ by Alexander Kircher of 1892. 17th-century religious paintings are a separate group, including ‘Caritas Romana’, ‘Pius V’ and ‘Lot and his daughters’. Visitors can also see numerous examples of melee hunting weapons (hunting daggers) and firearms with powder flasks with floral and animal ornaments.

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