In and around Tarnów

Zamek w Tarnowie

“Pearl of the Renaissance” – that's how outstanding art experts speak about Tarnów and its Old Town. The most outstanding Italian architects and sculptors such as Bartolommeo Berrecci, Giovanni Maria Padovano and Santi Gucci created here. Wandering the streets of Tarnów, we can admire the Renaissance tenement houses, located in the heart of the market square, the Mikołajowski House built in the 16th century, the Florentine House or the centrally located Town Hall with a 30-meter tower and the oldest hand-winding clock in Poland.
You cannot miss the elements of Jewish culture, such as the bimah, cemetery and mikvah with the monument dedicated to the First Transport to KL Auschwitz (14 June 1940). In Tarnów you will find also a monumental railway station from 1910, renovated in 2007-2010, which was bombed in 1939. History enthusiasts should also visit military cemeteries from the First World War.
Tarnów is famous for the monumental tombstones of the Tarnowski and Ostrogski families (the highest in Europe) located in the Cathedral Basilica. The ruins of the Tarnowski family's castle tower over the city, being a symbol of the importance of this influential family.

For lovers of modernism, we recommend a visit to the industrial part of the city, namely Mościce. The rich history of this district fascinates not only historians, but also tourists visiting it, and its buildings are a true legacy of past times. Architects and builders were guided by an overarching goal – residents were supposed to live comfortably here, the buildings had to be functional and optimally located on the city plan. The combination of architecture with green areas was of particular importance, thanks to which the design perfectly fitted into the idea of the “city of gardens”. Villas surrounded by greenery refer to manor houses from the turn of the 18th and 19th centuries, the building of the local nitrogen plant, a factory estate (entered in the register of monuments), the artistic installation of Wilhelm Sasnal – Mościce is certainly one of the most interesting districts of Tarnów, it is worth spending some time at discovering it!


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