Minor Basilica, Tuchów

The Sanctuary of the Mother of God of Tuchów is located in the church of the Visitation of the Virgin Mary and St. Stanislaus the bishop and martyr (Szczepanowski). The Baroque church was built in 1665–1682 on the Lipie Hill in the location of the earlier wooden church and, according to the legend, atop an even earlier pagan shrine. It is a single-nave church with chapels and a decorative façade. The interior is modest, with a narrow chancel closed with a three-sided apse, covered with a barrel vault with lunettes. The apse contains a late-Baroque main altar with a miraculous image of the Tuchów Mother of God painted with tempera on a 52.2 x 44 cm linden board  and crowned in 1904. Chapels covered with domes on sails, with lanterns – small turrets with baroque cupolas – present a similar late-Baroque style. There are late-Baroque side altars in the nave and in the chapels. At the chancel level is a Baroque-style bell tower (48 m tall) of 1923, which is also a part of the passage connecting the vestry to the monastery buildings. A spacious courtyard with a field chapel and entrances to two-storied cellars underneath is located between the church and the monastery.






















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