Warsztatownia, Town Museum, Wadowice

The ‘Boston’ manual printing machine on display at the exhibition dates back to the early 20th century. The typographic machine has a characteristic plate on which the ink was applied and the lever that set the ink roller unit in motion. ‘Bostonka’ was used for small-format job printing. The entire technological process can be watched on the monitor visible above the machine, it can also be set in motion by using a lever. ‘Warsztatownia’ is a place of activity for all visitors, especially the youngest ones. Visitors can take a photo in a specially arranged photographic atelier, try on costumes modelled on pre-war outfits, put together a jigsaw puzzle related to Wadowice or solve other puzzles. A calligraphy station is also available to all those interested in practicing the art of beautiful writing. The difficulty is in the fact that you have to write in ink using a quill.

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