Manor from Droginia

The 1730 manor was built in Droginia near Myślenice by Adam Jordan, who owned the village. In 1846 it was acquired by Kazimierz Janota Bzowski and remained the property of the Bzowski family for nearly one hundred years. After World War II the manor was taken from its owners and used by various institutions. It was disassembled in 1985 in connection with the construction of a water reservoir in Dobczyce. It was purchased in 1996 and moved to the open-air museum in Wygiezłów and has been open to tourists since 2006. The interior was adapted for use as a museum and for administrative purposes. The museum part is arranged as an ‘apartment of a wealthy noble family’ shown over the course of a century, i.e., from the first half of the 19th century to 1945. The exhibition occupies five rooms: the living room, the lady’s room, the resident’s room, a bedroom and the master’s study. Of the former manor house, only the early 20th-century painted stoves remain.

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