Granary from Bobrek

This wooden granary dates back to 1779. It was founded by Teresa Wielopolska nee Sułkowska who owned the Bobrek estate at the turn of the 19th century. The granary is a remnant of a former farmstead that existed at the end of the 18th century in the estate owned first by the Wielopolski family and then by the Potulicki and Sapieha families. After 1945 it was taken over by the State Treasury and taken under management by the State Forests. It was used as a storehouse for crops and fertilisers at the auxiliary farm of the Chrzanów Forest Inspectorate after World War II, after which it became private property and in 2018 was moved to the Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park. It is currently used for temporary exhibitions, educational workshops, cultural events such as concerts of chamber music, lectures and presentations. It is also used for storing ethnographic exhibits, folk art and other objects.

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