Lipowiec Castle, Wygiełzów

Kamienna klatka schodowa.

In addition to its defensive and prison functions, Lipowiec Castle was also the occasional residence of Krakow bishops. Residential and representative rooms were probably located on the second floor of the stronghold. They may have been built as early as the 15th century, as evidenced by decorative late-Gothic stove tiles found in the upper castle. It is difficult to determine the exact appearance and arrangement of the representative part of the castle over the centuries due to the lack of information available in the source materials. Currently, the rooms on the second floor level are preserved up to the height of the window lintels and are devoid of vaults, ceilings and floors. According to the inventory of 1789, a representative apartment of a bishop occupied the largest part of this floor. It consisted of a spacious alcove (a bedroom), a wardrobe and a few smaller rooms, probably assigned to the bishop’s officials, and a latrine (a toilet). An audience room, rooms for those waiting to meet the bishop and servants’ rooms were located next to the apartment. In addition to residential and representative rooms, this floor also contains a few prison cells adjoining the second floor of the chapel. The entire building was covered with a shingled gabled roof with an attic underneath.


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