Sabała’s Cottage, Zakopane

Built at the turn of the 19th century, Sabałówka is the oldest house in Zakopane. The cottage represents the Silesian-Spiš type of development also called bicameral development consisting of a hallway, a chamber and a pantry. In the hallway are entrances to the cellar, to the dairy, stairs leading to the attic and a huge bread oven. There is an entrance to an attic room in the chamber. The entire cottage is built of flat logs on a rectangular plan, located frontally on the south side. Gaps between the logs are filled with moss. The roof covered with split shingles features wooden gutters. There is also a separate room adjacent to the vestibule in which there is a well. It is the oldest part of the cottage. Jan Krzeptowski Sabała, a famous musician, a gifted storyteller and a hunter was born in this cottage in 1809  His acquaintance in 1873 and later friendship with Dr. Chałubiński introduced him into the circle of eminent people of the time such as Witkiewicz, Sienkiewicz, Matlakowski and Matejko, who were staying in Zakopane at the time. The friendly and outgoing Sabała gained numerous friends among them and became very popular. Sabała died in 1894. He was buried in the Old Cemetery in Zakopane. His youngest brother Andrzej remained in the cottage. The last person who was born and lived in the cottage was Maria Krzeptowska, the mother of the current owner.

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