Archaeology, Oświęcim Castle

Fragmenty naczyń.

The archaeological exhibition presents historical objects acquired during the excavations conducted on the castle hill, within the old town area and in the former Wołek stronghold after 2000. The most interesting exhibits include medieval axes and hatchets, a nail press, a pickaxe, an intact 15th-century clay pot, horseshoes, arrow and spear tips. The most valuable exhibit is the 15th-century double-edged iron sword found in the castle hill in 1966 by Jan Stanek. The sword was probably made by one of the local armourers. It is double-edged. The hilt is oval, the grip is bare (only the bolt, the lining is damaged), the long crossguard is slightly bent downwards. The blade’s tip is broken and there are no armourer’s marks. The sword is about 77 cm long. Other noteworthy exhibits include a horseman’s pick, a double-edged weapon used to smash or pierce (depending which side was used to strike) an opponent's armour or helmet, and numismatic items: heller coins of Wenceslaus I and Jan IV of Oświęcim from 1445-1457, a shilling of Maria Theresa from 1774 and a 19th-century Turkish coin.


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