Conference Room, Oświęcim Castle

Sala konferencyjna z przygotowanymi stołami bankietowymi.

The Oświęcim Castle has been the seat of the Castle Museum in Oświęcim since 2010. The castle with its tower, the ramparts and the buildings on the castle hill is one of the most important monuments in the town, a proof of eight hundred years of its history. It hosts important events in the history of the town, serves as a representative, cultural and educational venue. Due to the lack of sources, we cannot know what it looked like originally. It was the seat of the Oświęcim dukes and accommodated many renowned guests: in 1454, Elisabeth of Austria, the future wife of king Casimir IV Jagiellon; in 1471, the royal couple: king Casimir IV Jagiellon, his wife Elisabeth and their son Vladislaus on his way to Prague where his right to the Czech crown was recognized; in 1518, the future queen of Poland Bona Sforza d` Aragona; in 1543, the first wife of Sigismund Augustus, Elisabeth of Austria and, in 1574, king Henry II who was fleeing Poland to become the king of France.

The Castle Museum pursues its mission of promoting the historical heritage of the Oświęcim area through activities such as the organisation of cultural events, lectures, meetings for the inhabitants and researchers of the town’s history.


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