Night Clock, Hipolit House

The creation of the so-called 'night clocks' is associated with Pope Alexander VII Chigi. Having difficulty falling asleep, the pope wanted to have a clock that would show the time at night without light disturbing him. Thus, the clock whose digits can be illuminated from the inside was born. The clock has a large, round dial made of milky glass, which is placed on a small rectangular chest that conceals the clockwork. Veneered with mahogany, it is decorated with a brass moulding with acanthus leaves and a plaquette with the head of Helios, god of the sun, whose duty was to bring light to gods and people. The simple casing of the Kraków timepiece evokes the Viennese clocks from the end of the 18th century. Due to the function of the clock, the dial was placed above the clockwork so that it could be lit up with a candle holder. Clocks such as this one were placed on tables or console tables near walls. 

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