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Park linowy ABlandia Rytro

ABlandia rope park, Rytro

Trasy linowe wśród drzew

Rytro 604, 33-343 Rytro

tel. +48 728868564
The rope park can be found in a picturesque area in the immediate vicinity of the Poprad Landscape Park in Beskid Sądecki.

The ABlandia rope park offers a variety of routes, with various heights and difficulty levels. The attraction of the park in Rytro is BigSwing – the Hellish Pendulum – where the bold riders are lifted to a height of 16 metres and then swing on a pendulum above a cliff. 

The park offers 11 attractions in total:

  • Junior Zone – a rope playground in the trees for children, featuring various attractions
  • Six rope routes with a total length of almost 2 kilometres in the treetops, including the Pajęczak downhill trail with 5 downhill rope runs, with the length of each of up to 200 metres 
  • BigSwing pendulum 
  • PowerFAN – a vertical jump from 13 metres, simulating the final stage of a skydive – not available for the 2021 season

The Park also offers a food court – you can order home-made pierogi, potato pancakes, chicken nuggets for children, fried chicken breast, fries, gratins, hot dogs, delicious Italian ice cream, coffee from a coffee brewing machine and other beverages.

The park serves both individual visitors and groups, including school groups.

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