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Bacówka Krzysztofa Łasia Biały Dunajec

Krzysztof Łasek's Shepherd's Hut in Biały Dunajec

Bacówka w Białym Dunajcu znajdująca się tuż przy drodze asfaltowej. Obok budynku widać sprzęty gospodarstwa domowego. Zarówno przy drodze jak i koło bacówki znajdują się drzewa.

Biały Dunajec

He has his shepherd's hut in Biały Dunajec, and he pastures the sheep in Gliczarów Górny. These are towns located next to each other, yet they are totally different. The touristic village of Biały Dunajec, located by the Zakopane Motorway (Zakopianka), and the still undiscovered Gliczarów Górny, located on the side, with what many people consider the most beautiful panorama of the Tatra Mountains.

Krzysztof Łaś is one of the best-known shepherds in the so-called 'Skalne Podhale' (Rocky Podhale) region of the Tatras, and in good shepherding seasons he has as many as 600 sheep under his care from Groń, Gliczarów Górny and Biały Dunajec. He has 170 of his own sheep. 'Sheep have been my passion since I was a child', he confesses. It does not stem from family pastoral traditions, but from a love of sheep, which have always been on the farm. He has been a senior shepherd since 2010, initially in Groń and later in Slovakia. Now he has returned once again to his homeland. He argues that he observes customs and rituals that have been associated with pastoralism for centuries. It should be pointed out that these relate not only to the process of making oscypek and other sheep milk cheese, but to the grazing of sheep in general. The traditional consecration of a shepherd's hut at the start of the sheep grazing season, the traditional division of labour between shepherd and his helpers, and the principle that grazing on mountain pastures is a typically male occupation are all part of this. Of course, nowadays no one obeys the hitherto strict rule that a woman may not cross the threshold of a shepherd's hut at any time during the grazing season. In the past, superstitious highlanders believed that this would inevitably bring bad luck. Certainly, however, the traditional recipes for making oscypek are strictly adhered to, hence the sheep's delicacies are nowhere else as good. Due to its location, reaching this shepherd's hut is easy, but you may have to sign up on a waiting list for oscypek, because it’s sold out very quickly.

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