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Celestat Kraków

Celestat Krakow

Lubicz 16, 31-504 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice
tel. +48 124293791
The walls of Krakow were once a form of defence, so those who were defending had to shoot well. Members of Bractwo Kurkowe (Krakow Brotherhood of the Rooster) trained their skills at their own private shooting range. The historic building called the Celestat (i.e. the shooting range, from German Zielstätte) is located in the Strzelecki Park and has become a branch of the Krakow Museum.

The Rooster King is chosen every year during the wooden hen shooting competition. This tradition is the source of the name of the Brotherhood that has been operating in Krakow since the 13th century. In order for the members of the Brotherhood to have a place to practice, a building was erected, known today as the Celestat. There, the brothers welcomed Emperor Franz Joseph I, the heir to the throne of Archduke Rudolf. It is the only exposition and research facility of this type in Europe that studies the history and customs of Sharpshooter Societies in Poland and Europe. Inside, you can admire the collection of the Krakow Brotherhood of the Rooster: portraits of Krakow Rooster Kings, insignia of the authorities of the Sharpshooter Society and the king and marshals, a collection of medals, shooting trophies, shields, paintings, as well as documents, photographs and books. In the winter months, a post-competition Exhibition of Krakow Nativity Scenes is organised in the Celestat. The museum is a branch of the Krakow Museum.

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