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Dom Ludowy imienia Wincentego Witosa Wierzchosławice

People’s House Wierzchosławice

Dom ludowy, budynek w stylu dworkowym.

Wierzchosławice 696, 33-122 Wierzchosławice Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146797215
tel. +48 146575231
The Wincenty Witos People’s House in Wierzchosławice was built from peasants’ fees on the initiative and thanks to the efforts of Wincenty Witos – the three-times prime minister of the Republic of Poland – in 1924.
The building served as the administrative building of the commune, where Witos had its seat as a village mayor. Political rallies and assemblies were held there. On the front façade, we can see memorial plaques devoted to Adam Boryczka and important events connected with the history of people’s movement in Wierzchosławice.

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