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Dwór obronny Pisary

Defensive manor, Pisary

Piętrowy budynek na planie kwadratu, dach wysoki czterospadowy. Na ścianie piętrowy, drewniany ganek ze schodami.

ul. Lipowa, 32-064 Pisary Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska

In Pisary, which used to be a knight's village, the buildings of the former farm have survived.
The most valuable and the oldest preserved building is a manor from the 17th century, which originally had served as a housing and a treasury, and was subsequently transformed into a lumber-room. It is a brick, multi-storey building, built on a square plan, with a wooden porch in the front. On the southern side, the corners of the lumber-room are reinforced with two buttresses.

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