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Fort Grębałów Kraków

Grębałów Fort in Kraków

Widok z lotu ptaka na ceglany podłużny budynek otoczony gęstym, zielonym lasem.

ul. Geodetów 24, 31-764 Kraków Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 126456616
It was erected in the years 1897–1899. It consists of the casemate body, free-standing flanking battery and the bulkhead caponier located in a natural ravine. The caponier constituted a divider of the ravine, which was an extremely difficult obstacle to overcome.
The fort was charged with a task of controlling the plain stretching toward the Vistula River slope, and protecting the railway line running in the direction of the Russian-occupied part of Poland. Four cannons located in the rotating armoured turrets determined the strength of the fort fire – today one can admire their tin reconstructions – and four other cannons in the casemates of the flanking battery. This fort participated in the so-called First Battle of Kraków November 20–22, 1914, providing fire support for the counteroffensive of the Fourth Austro-Hungarian Army fighting against the Ninth Russian Army encroaching the fortress. At present, the fort houses a horse-riding club.

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