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Izba Pamięci Narodowej Tymbark

The National Memorial Chamber, Tymbark

widok na rynek w Tymbarku

Tymbark 626, 34-650 Tymbark Tourist region: Gorce i Beskid Wyspowy

tel. +48 183325680
The chamber was established on the initiative of veterans who wanted to save their memorabilia from World War II and present it in one place.

The National Memorial Chamber is located in the building of the Tymbark Public library, which was named after Capt. Tadeusz Paolone (an officer of the Polish Army, murdered in 1943 in a concentration camp in Oświęcim). It is here that you can see historical memorabilia, mainly from World War II, but also a collection related to the history of the town. Photographs related to engineer Józef Marek, the founder of the Podhale Fruit Cooperative, as well as other people of particular merit for Tymbark have a special place here. The most interesting exhibits include: a partisan banner from 1943, a partisan cross which was awarded to the Municipality of Tymbark for underground activities, an appeal to the Polish population from 1944, original documents and military decorations and photos of partisans, family photos of the Myszkowski and Turski families, topographic maps from 1939, souvenirs from the activities of the Amateur Theatre Group in Podłopień and many other interesting documents.

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