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Jaskinia Mamutowa

Mammoth Cave

Po bokach i u góry skały jaskini pokryte częściowo mchem. Za nimi skała niczym głowa z trąbą mamuta i dalej drzewa liściaste. Przy skale - trąbie kilka mniejszych głazów. W oknie pomiędzy skałami drzewo i błękitne niebo z białymi chmurami.

Wierzchowie Tourist region: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska, Kraków i okolice

Situated in a picturesque area, the mysterious Mammoth Cave, also known as Lower Wierzchowie Cave, can be found in the village of Wierzchowie, in the Kluczwoda Valley. It is a cavern of karst origin, which was formed in Jurassic rock. It has a total length of about 100 metres.

Today, it is a mecca for cave explorers seeking challenges and for people who love ancient stories and legends. The cave, which owes its name to the mammoth tusks found there, starts with a large, easily accessible opening, behind which there is a large chamber. Its ceiling has partially collapsed, resulting in a spectacular rock arch. The walls and ceiling of the chamber are perfect for climbers, although the routes are among the most technically difficult ones. Several corridors lead from the chamber deeper into the massif. At the end of one is a low passage to a chamber with stalactites. This place is also of interest to archaeologists and researchers. In addition to the mammoth remains, traces of caveman presence have also been found here. The cave was a natural shelter from weather and animals. The temperature inside is not too low.

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