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Kino Studyjne Sfinks Kraków

Sfinks Arthouse Cinema Kraków

Rzędy krzeseł w ciemnej sali przed ekranem kinowym.

Os. Górali 5, 31-959 Kraków

tel. +48 126442765
a Kraków cinema operating since 1959. It is located in Nowa Huta and has been a part of the Cyprian Kamil Norwid Culture Centre since 1985.
Currently it is an arthouse cinema with 98 seats. The cinema is home to the Kropka Film Society, the Young Spectator's Film Academy, the Filmography of Nowa Huta and a catalogue of film materials associated with Nowa Huta: fiction films, documentaries and reportages. Since 2004, the Cinema has been the producer of the Nowa Huta Newsreel, which is devoted to cultural and social events related to Nowa Huta.

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