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Kościół świętego Brata Alberta Myślenice

St Brother Albert’s Church Myślenice

Nowoczesny jasny budynek o kształcie litery L, kryty czerwoną blachą.

os. Tysiąclecia 34, 32-400 Myślenice Tourist region: Beskid Mały i Makowski

tel. +48 122723163
This church with a modern body was built in 1990–2000. Its consecration in 2000 was carried out by Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, the Metropolitan Archbishop of Kraków.

In 1990, construction of the church began and the decision was taken to create a new parish comprising Górne Przedmieście and the Tysiąclecia estate. In 1991, the first mass in St Brother Albert’s chapel was a Midnight Mass celebrated by Cardinal Franciszek Macharski, who in 1993 laid the cornerstone of the church, which came from the altar of the chapel in the St Brother Albert’s hermitage at Kalatówki. At the same time, a Roman Catholic parish was established and a picture of Brother Albert painted by Mieczysław Pitala was placed in the chapel. In 1996, the first mass, which was also a Midnight Mass, was celebrated in the completed. In 1997, the interior of the church was finished and the chapel was given its final shape. In 1999, a pulpit and baptismal font were placed in the church, together with an altar with a stone brought from the Vatican and a statue of Christ Crucified behind it. In 2000, a tabernacle and a statue of Brother Albert were added to the altar. The Stations of the Cross were set up in 2002, and in 2010 a window in the chapel was filled with stained glass; the church as also equipped with organ. The fair is held here on St Brother Albert’s Day, the first Sunday after June 17.

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