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Łowisko Stawki

Fishery, Stawki

łowisko stawki
33-342 Barcice Dolne
tel. +48 787892897
tel. +48 787892897
You can catch carp, tench and crucian carp here. It is a beautifully situated and quiet place where you can rest in the lap of nature after a walk or the effort of a bike excursion. Those who want to can fish, whose who do not can partake of fresh grilled trout.

It is worth starting your fishing adventure here because this is a quiet and beautifully situated place in the buffer zone of the Poprad Landscape Park. Surrounded by forests with plenty of game, it is the perfect place for rest and relaxation.

The beginnings of the fishery date back to 2012, but its official operations started in the summer of 2014. You can catch crucian carp, carp, tench, sturgeon and trout here. If you do not have your own fishing rod, the host will lend you his equipment. The water in the pond is fed by the Przykopa stream, which has its source in the region of Wierchy Hill.

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