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Muzeum Historii Tarnowa i Regionu

Museum of the History of Tarnów and the Region

Eksponaty z wizerunkami osób związanych z ziemią tarnowską

Rynek 21, 33-100 Tarnów Tourist region: Tarnów i okolice

tel. +48 146390865
The Museum of the History of Tarnów and the Tarnów Region is a branch of the Regional Museum in Tarnów and operates in two Renaissance tenement houses located near the northern frontage of the Tarnów market square. The buildings, worth noting for their frontal elevations and the historical stonework, were donated to the museum for exhibition purposes in 1949 and 1975.
Prepared in a historic setting, the exhibition introduces visitors to the fascinating and colourful history of the city and the region. Visitors are hosted and guided through the history of Tarnów by an organ grinder, who uses the instrument to play a melody that has not been heard for a long time. Following the path determined by a perforated tape from the grind organ, containing numerous interesting bits of information, you enter a series of rooms, where the most interesting and valuable objects in the Tarnów Museum collection are on display. In the room ‘Under the Eagle’, visitors can admire the parchment documents of exceptional value, and in the armoury – medieval swords. Crossing the climatic cellars, we will move to prehistoric times; visit a guild tavern; get into a tram from whose windows the Tarnów of days gone by can be seen; from there we will travel to the times of World War II and the days of the Polish People’s Republic. The city-specific buildings and outstanding figures of its history are shown on the top floor of the exhibition. There are also references to Tarnów’s multi-confessional past.

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