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Muzeum Regionalne PTTK im. Władysława Kowalskiego Dobczyce

Władysław Kowalski PTTK Regional Museum Dobczyce

Drewniane budynki w skansenie.

Stare Miasto, 32-410 Dobczyce Tourist region: Kraków i okolice

tel. +48 518825830
The museum is located in the ruins of a partially restored medieval castle and open-air museum. The facilities are situated in a very picturesque location, right by Lake Dobczycki.

Władysław Kowalski PTTK Regional Museum is located in Dobczyce's royal castle and in the open-air museum on the castle hill by Lake Dobczyce. Here, history combines with modernity and technology, as the crown of the Dobczyce Reservoir Dam is below the hill.

At the castle, each hall is dedicated to a different theme. The cross-section of topics is broad, ranging from Neolithic times to the present day, namely the commemoration of Władysław Kowalski, the founder and creator of the museum. The Neolithic settlement from before the construction of the castle, the history of the town and the castle, the Torture Hall or the Hall of National Remembrance with memorabilia from the First and Second World Wars, and the Hall of National Remembrance show that Dobczyce had a dynamic and exciting history. Of particular note is the Castle Chapel, which was converted from a fortified entrance into a religious building. In the main altar, there is a painting of  St Casimir IV Jagiellon. During the construction of the dam, an 8-metre well carved into the rock was accidentally discovered in the middle of the castle's upper courtyard. There was no water, so it was a castle larder where food was stored under a layer of ice.

The Dobczyce open-air museum consists of several buildings. The largest wooden building in the open-air museum is the 1830 Inn, moved here from Krzyszkowice near Myślenice. Inside, you can see what a mid-19th century bourgeois chamber looks like and learn about the sorts of occupations people had in Dobczyce in the days of old. Amongst other things, the funeral home features an antique horse-drawn hearse and funeral flags from the second half of the 19th century. In the former Chicken House and Small Carriage House you can see old agricultural tools, and in the Large Carriage House you can see carts and sleighs. The final building is the Forge, where the focal point is a furnace with a hand-operated bellows.

The Regional Museum in Dobczyce was established in 1963. The initiative came from PTTK members in Dobczyce and is still run by the Polish Tourist Society.

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