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Obserwatorium astronomiczne ASTRO CENTRUM CHEŁMIEC

Astronomical Observatory ASTRO CENTRE in CHEŁMIEC

Pętla Łabędzia - włókniste struktury gazu w kosmosie
Rynek 1, 33-395 Chełmiec
tel. +48 887373373
ASTRO CENTRE is an attraction that combines tourist and educational advantages. The astronomical observatory conducts activities popularizing knowledge about astronomy and astrophysics.
It is equipped with high-class telescopes for observing the sky and the sun. The observatory is open to organised groups and schools in the morning, after prior appointment. The visit includes special lectures and presentations made with the help of multimedia, chosen among several thematic areas. The offer includes lectures suited to the age of visitors and the level of their knowledge in astronomy. Private individuals have the opportunity to visit the observatory in the afternoon and on Saturdays, after prior telephone reservations. Each lecture is followed by visits to the observatory, telescope shows and observing the sun or stars, in case of favourable weather conditions. Observations are carried out from the observation deck, from which you can also admire the beautiful panorama of the surroundings. Guests can also make use of the modern multimedia room, where theoretical knowledge about the structure of the universe, constellations and space exploration is transferred.