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Rafting na Dunajcu

Rafting on the Dunajec

Rafting Dunjec
What is rafting? It is drifting down a mountain river on a specialised rafting pontoon. The Dunajec River Gorge is a real phenomenon of nature – it is also a natural border between Poland and Slovakia, with a breath taking variety of landscapes. On both sides, you can admire the flora and fauna characteristic of this area, and above all, the most beautiful peaks of the Pieniny Mountains: Trzy Korony (Three Crowns) and Sokolica. Here, rocky cliffs that reach up to 300 meters high alternate with gentle, forested mountain slopes

Rafting on the Dunajec River has been a new and very fashionable way of discovering the charms of the Pieniny National Park for some time. Rafting on the picturesque gorge of the Dunajec River not only impresses, it also allows you to enjoy the charms of nature. Amazing views and the changing current of the river guarantee an amazing experience and unforgettable memories.Calm sections during rafting on the Dunajec River allow you to take in views and listen to interesting facts about the region told by the skipper. Your rafting experience can also be adorned by singing local highlanders and rafts men. Their songs, echoing off of the rocks of the Dunajec River Gorge, will give you goose bumps and will leave you singing. Every now and then the river drops, the current accelerates and bigger waves appear. There is no chance that you’ll be bored. The route starts in Sromowce Wyżne and ends eight kilometres further in Szczawnica. It is an attraction for both young and old. Rafting takes place under the supervision of instructors. This adrenaline filled adventure lasts approximately 2 hours (depending on the organiser) and will provide everyone with a maximum dose of excitement. It is also a way to explore the area a bit faster than walking. From the pontoons, you can also admire the neighbouring depression of the Szopczański Ravine and the surrounding landscapes. Rafting is available from April 1 to November 1, but for the strong of heart there is also the possibility of winter rafting.